The first city seminar of Lent term is already next Tuesday (31 January). Further seminars will take place on the following Tuesdays: 7 February, 21 February and 6 March. Please click here for a link to the programme.

Tuesday's seminar (Kinshasa on Film: Between Dystopia and Utopia) is a special event, a screening of two films on Kinshasa, plus a discussion with the directors: anthropologist Professor Filip De Boeck from KU Leuven and architect/curator Koen Van Synghel. Van Synghel and De Boeck have carried out a number of urban-focussed projects together, including the Belgian Pavilion at the 2004 Venice Architecture Biennale, which won the Golden Lion.

Please note that this event will start at the earlier time of 4.15pm, and will run until 7pm.

De Boeck and Van Synghel with show extracts from two films: Cemetery State (2010, dir. Filip De Boeck), which deals with the urban politics of death in a Kinshasa graveyard; and an excerpt entitled The Tourist City from the film The World According to Bylex (2008, dir. Koen Van Synghel and Filip De Boeck), which takes the form of an interview with Bylex, a utopian artist and social visionary from Kinshasa.

For an abstract of the event, please click here.

The film showings will be preceded by an introduction from the directors, and followed by a discussion. This promises to be a very exciting event indeed - we hope to see many of you there!

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